LabInform is generally very modular. This is one of the central concepts of the whole system. What follows is an overview of the different components. For more details, see the LabInform webpage.


Subsequent numbers for samples, batches, substrates, syntheses and alike for unique assignments.


Metadata storage format that is human-writable and machine-readable.

Labbook (electronic lab notebook, ELN)

Electronic lab notebook (ELN) in form of a wiki with (mostly) one entry per measurement.


Central data storage for all generated data, both experimental and calculated.

Knowledge base (wiki)

Central instance for storing information of all kind.

Lab Object Identifier (LOI)

A system of unique identifiers, similar to the DOI or handle system.

Version control system (VCS)

(Distributed) version control for projects, manuscripts, and alike (including a web frontend)