LabInform is based on more than fifteen years of own practical experience working in the lab as an experimental scientist in quite different settings from Biology to Physics. However, there is a special focus on spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry.

What follows is a first overview of the concepts behind LabInform. For more details, see its homepage.


The central aspect of good scientific practice and the raison d`être for LabInform.

Complete and gap-less reproducibility can only be achieved by using a respective sophisticated infrastructure. Using such infrastructure is but an additional effort that needs to be reasonably motivated. Therefore, LabInform and its implementation follow a series of further concepts.


Many components of the system can be used independent of the others, allowing the system to be introduced step-wise.


Only systems that are easy to use will be used – for the best of science.


Both, demands and amount of data grow with time. LabInform will grow with them.


All software used is open-source and available free of charge under liberal software licenses.


Requirements and settings change over time – LabInform is flexible and easily extensible and adaptable.


Operating systems and manufacturers are often hurdles. LabInform can be used independent of both.